Shipping & Returns

3.00 Flat Fee. Royal Mail First Class postage within UK or via Airmail if overseas.

Certificates packaged in hard-backed envelope for protection

Registered Mail and/or insurance extra at cost. Please enquire

Condition of certificates displayed

VF Very Fine (Average Grade): Certificates have light to moderate folds, and paper shows wear and softness. Unless otherwise noted in description.

How to Purchase from Antiquary Partnership

Browse through the gallery and take a note of the item number and price of the items you want to purchase. There are two ways to order:

1) By mail: Send your orders to Antiquary Partnership, Antiquary Partnership, 44 Chadcote Way, Catshill Bromsgrove, United Kingdom

2) Online: The order form at the bottom of each certificate allows you to purchase your selection immediately via Paypal.

We are happy to receive GBP/USD/EUR in cash. Cheque or money order in GBP/USD only payable to Curzon Maintenance & Property Services Ltd.

Guarantee of authenticity and quality

All certificates in our inventory are guaranteed to be authentic. Any item proving to be unsatisfactory may be returned within 10 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange.

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